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Snuffle Mat Treat Puzzle Cat Toy

Five Bostons

Snuffle Mat Treat Puzzle Cat Toy

$ 30.00

ENGAGE YOUR CAT’S SENSE OF SMELL - Puts your cat’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. 

SIMPLY CHALLENGING - Encourages natural foraging skills. This toy uses your cat's natural ability to snuffle and hunt around to search for things using their sense of smell. 

EASY-TO-FILL FEEDING MAT - Fun-to-use and durable. A great way to slow down those fast eaters. 

MACHINE WASHABLE -  Hand made with hundreds of strips of fleece material. Skip the softener and air dry.

PERFECT FOR ALL CATS - Any breed, any age, any size, all cats will love it.

SIZE - 12" x 12", 300 pieces of fleece

Handmade in Connecticut, USA by an experienced toy maker. 

Start out by scattering a few, easy to find, treats on top of the snuffle mat for your cat. Next time, scatter the treats then lightly brush the toy so the treats fall into the fleece. As with any toy, please monitor your cat's interaction and make sure they are using it appropriately.

* Always supervise your cat to make sure they will not destroy the toy; be watchful for any torn, shredded, or broken pieces. Check your cats toys often and discard any that are broken, cracked, or pulling apart. 

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