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Did you know, a large part of your pets health is determined by the foods that they eat. But how do you choose which foods are the best for your pets when there are so many choices out there? It is often confusing and misleading when companies label dog foods as "premium", "ultra premium", and "gourmet". Many pet owners choose a brand of pet food because they were told it was the best, when in fact it was the worst.

We all want to feed our furry family members the best, unfortunately, pet food labeling can be hard to figure out. Knowing what to look for can help.

Read the ingredient list. The ingredient list is where you can find out just how healthy the pet food really is. Descriptive names of pet foods can be misleading but the AAFCO asks pet food manufacturers to list all actual ingredients in descending order by weight on their product cans or bags.

Avoid animal by-products. Meat by-products are not handled the same as whole meat and may include blood, bone, intestines, lungs, spleens, and stomachs. Poultry by-products include necks and feet.

Buy pet foods that contain meat protein. Our pets are carnivores and they do the best with real meat. Make sure that a whole meat source is listed as one of the top two ingredients.

Know the difference between "organic" and "natural". Organic has a strict legal definition and cannot be used unless the pet food meets the US Department of Agriculture's standards. Natural, on the other hand, is not an official definition and can be used without care.

Ignore exaggerated words. Words like "premium", "ultra premium", and "gourmet" are not regulated so they don't mean anything.

Stay away from terms like "flavor" and "with". When a pet food say "Poultry Flavored Cat Food" it simply means the product needs to taste like poultry and may be poultry by-products. The word "with" means that the manufacturer only need to include 3% poultry by weight.

The person most responsible for your pets health is you and protecting your pet by learning the right pet food terminology and reading the ingredients list carefully is key.

Our goal at BPaWed Pals is to offer quality products you know and trust, both on our website and inside our boutiques. We research each product we purchase and try to find the most healthy options. Healthy products make healthy pets. We offer food and treats from the United States and Canada only.

Did you know we deliver right to your door? We invite you to browse our website,, and join the exclusive club of members with, no hassle, free, store to door delivery. Bring out the very best for your pets with the right food and treats for their unique needs.

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