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Happy New Year! When we think of resolutions, we don’t just think of them for ourselves, we also think of them for our pets as well. Here are our top resolutions for a healthy pet.

Schedule a check-up. Be sure your pets are current on all their vaccinations. Just like humans, pets need to visit their vet once a year; for older pets, about twice a year. This will help to prevent illness, the spread of illness, and will keep your pets healthy.

Identification. Should they get lost, be sure your pets have the proper identification. A collar or a harness with identification tags including your name, phone number, and an alternative phone number could mean the difference of being reunited with your pet again. Don’t forget to have those current rabies tags on them as well.

Microchipped. Having your pet microchipped is always a good thing to consider. This is a non- surgical, simple procedure that can be done in your vet’s office and will ensure your pet’s safe return if they end up in an animal shelter.

Healthy eating habits. This is a great time of year to re-examine your pets eating habits and make healthy adjustments. Resolve to feeding them fewer table scraps and consider swapping in a fresh and healthy treat instead. Try our Charlee Bears for only 3 calories or our Fruitables for only 8 calories per treat.

Take more car rides. Car rides are a great way to introduce your pets to new places and can also have lasting benefits beyond just feeling the wind blow through their furry faces. Getting your pet accustomed to car rides may also make the next car ride to the vet not so frightening for them.

Try a new activity. From doga to kayaking, hiking to skijoring, it’s easier than ever to incorporate your pets into your exercise routine. Not only is exercise beneficial to keeping your pets happy, active, and at their optimal body condition, it’s a great way to bond, to get you both out of the house, and both you and your pet will reap the rewards and benefits of healthy activity.

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